domenica 17 giugno 2012


no poetry.

the last time i accepted poetry i found myself fucked.
So raw and clear, as i was use to be.

Shot one....WHO dares to fill his/her mouth with the words "peace and love" when is the fucking first who is used to outcast, refuse and reject who is different?
Shot two....what kind of demon is able to speak about "understanding", "change" and "knowledge" when is the first able to feed fears, doubts, sense of being misfit and sense of not belonging?
Shot three....what kind on arrogant idiot is able to speak about freedom and acceptance when is the first able to keep you down, in pain, telling you "you're becoming a god, follow the process, that pain is part of the transformation".....when you already ARE a god, in a certain way? You already are the maker of your own destiny and that pain is inflicted by someone who wants you ignorant, blind, ready to be manipulated, using what you feel to have another sheep to count.
Shot four....what kind of arrogant monster has the right to give you that shit as "a gift", acting like the most powerful master, giving you that from above, from the sky....
Shot five.....if they really love you is not possible for them to keep you far from the reality, feeding your inner monsters, without giving you the tools to walk in the world, head up and serene...indipendent.
They want a sheep, not a human being.
if they really wanted you indipendent they need to take the risk to loose you if your eyes are open enough to refuse the message and choose something else.

Shot six.....don't confuse indipendency with being they told you.
The first is based on acceptance, respect and self respect....the second is based on "take what you need and leave reguardless".

Shot seven....don't shoot first if you don't want to be shooted.

Shot eight.... don't expect flowers and hugs if you're living seeding stones.

Shot nine....what kind of idiot is able to speak about "chenges" when they are the first who refuse the change, the difference and the confrontation with the fucking damned rest of the planet???

Shot ten.....this is a reminder for me, for the future and is a self lesson to learn, because i have to follow my own principles...otherwise who can takes me seriously?
if somebody can find something useful is here and free, take it. i'm not an arrogant prick who likes to send a message from "above".
If not....peace brother/sister. No one is here resentful, go and live.

(feel free to tell me if the grammar is awful, english is not my mother language)

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